L&C NEWSHEET August 2013

Dear Members

Despite the club getting off to a good start with our Easter event at Mow Cop, you must know that the club has had several issues this year with the economy being very high up on the list, the very high cost of fuel, rule changes, new land owners and lack of motors due to racing incidents. All ALRC clubs have been affected, not just L&C. The committee has been working hard attending ALRC and scrutineering meetings, rule change affects everyone.

L&C has been involved since the Green Book was first written and it's important that our club and other northern clubs work together to stem the amount of rule changes that are taking place.

Land has been a very big issue for us over the last few years due to change of owners but we are hoping that next year we will be able to return to one or two old grounds. Negotiating with land owners takes time and patience.

Please remember to use the club Hotline for updates on events and to let us know in good time if you are going to attend, we need a week beforehand to verify if we have enough competitors to have a good competition and justify the cost of the land.

The committee needs help to run events and all members are welcome at all committee meetings. If you can contribute please come forward, your input would be most welcome.

On a brighter note, the club has a few up and coming trailers who have been involved at Tyro level, so, if you are up to the challenge why not come along and take part. In the past few years, the club has paid the entry fees for the Majors Trial. The committee is split on this, some members are asking 'what about the comp safari lads fees being paid'. Scrutineering – We have the best in the country ALRC and MSA Colin Gaukroger has done excellent work over the years, unfortunately some of our neighbours don't support our efforts and we must stand firm as a club. We do need to show a presence at all events including interclubs. We have done well in all classes, RTV, CCV and Comps and may it continue. We need to nurture our up and coming drivers and they need your expertise to show them how it's done.

The clubs history speaks for itself. L&C has produced some of the best drivers in the country, but to win at interclubs and at national level we need to practice at club level. The committee is putting together a full calendar for 2014 and hope to run our annual Easter event as normal.

We have a number of bulletin points which the committee are always discussing and we need input from yourselves on these.

1) Toilets – These cost an incredible amount of money. Can we manage without? Any suggestions?
2) Can we use emails for future information – the cost of post/print is prohibitive
3) Fun weekend in Sept?. at Mow Cop with BBQ and games. Promotional event,non members with 4x4's welcome- do we go ahead? What DO YOU think.
4) Do we pay entry fees for our competitors at some interclubs?
Have YOU any points you wish to bring up? Please email us.

The committee

As Chairman, am I allowed one quiet rant.- If I had to rely on a mobile phone and a computer I would have packed in in 1972. H