The latest points of interest from the Scrutineering and Off Road Committee meeting held 10th May 2008:-

Alloy Wheels

Q. I am writing to you for some clarification on the use of alloy wheels in ALRC trials and comp safari events. Can you please tell me if we can or cannot use these wheels and if not can you show me the rule and its number in the green book that excludes them from ALRC events.

A. Rule B.7.1. mention's only steel wheels. The RTV reg E.2.2. amends this to allow alloy wheels only RTV events. Note, there was a discussion about this and we can expect a rule change proposal soon to allow Land Rover aluminum alloy wheels in all events.

Seat-Belt Attachment

Rear seat-belt attachment by wrapping round a structural tube.

The seat belt that passes over the occupants shoulders can be wrapped round a structural tube and refitted using the buckle as shown in the diagram. The belt itself must not be altered. This cannot be done with all types of belt; only those that have an adjusting buckle that can be unthreaded. (Diagram available on request).


Type BS6658 type A helmets are valid up to 1st Jan 2010.

Type BS6658 type A/FR helmets will take over on this date.

So if you're buying new, get a BS6658 type A/FR helmet.

MSA Yearbook Regulation Correction

Rule 218 on page 243 should be as follows:- (The underlined text is now new.)

218. Vehicles not complying with 311 and 312 must be fitted with a standard manufacturer's hardtop, truck cab or a roll bar to Section C(c), Appendix 2, drawing 1, and the SRs may permit entries to be accepted in respect of drivers who are 15 or over without a full RTA license provided that the passenger holds a full RTA license valid for the vehicle concerned and is a person who has experience of Cross Country Trials. The vehicle may only be driven between observed sections by a crew member who holds a full RTA license.

MSA Rule Change about Seat Belts

Page 158 regulation 45. Delete from 4 point and 6 point regs the words "(or one symmetrical for the two shoulder straps.)" This is applicable from Jan 1st 2009 but if you're buying new seat belts, make sure they and their mountings comply.