LandRover World Magazine:


Page 30 of the November 2001 issue of Landrover World magazine shows a lovely little feature by their

Deputy Editor, Paul Dimmery. It shows the cover of our July/August issue of Rovertorque:




Nice to see people like what we do sometimes!!! Congratulations to Phil & Peter at

This webpage, having been completely re-designed and filled, is no longer being run by Phil Mawdsley and is back in the

hands of the L+CROC comittee. Thanks for the great work and the new look website, which earnt us a

genuine 6000 hits in it`s first nine months online! Wow!


They come in threes...

They say bad things come in threes, and I bet at the moment Landrover wish this wasnt true. The first was the infamous Selby Rail Disaster.

The Selby crash happened on February 28 when motorist Gary Hart's Land Rover plunged down an embankment at Great Heck in

North Yorkshire, and stopped on the railway tracks. A GNER express train then hit the vehicle and then crashed

into a goods train, passing in the opposite direction. The tragedy left 10 people dead and more than 70 others injured. His insurance

company are preparing to pay the largest motor claim in history.

On the 14th of June 2001, a Landrover (Rangerover) collided with a passenger train in Burscough, Lancashire. There were

no fatalities from the train and the three in the Rangerover had to be cut away. It`s still being investigated.

Today, the 15th of June 2001, it has come to light that a Landrover was nearly hit by an aircraft (yes, jumbo)

at Heathrow Airport, London. The plane was brought down onto a runway closed for repair, and narrowly missed the

Landrover in the process.

And you wonder why our insurance is so high on our lannies...!



New RangeRover!

The web-editor fom the Midland Rover Owners Club, Paul, sent these pictures of the new

RangeRover to me today.


The first picture is a "hidden" new shape, whilst the second shows the full extent of the re-design. I have my

personal views on this Defender SVX looking plastic looking front end, but I`ll leave you to come up with your own...

Nokia Logos:

For those with Nokia phone who want a Landrover logo we`ve found one at "logo-to-logo". Their number is 0906 6366416 and

the oval logo is number 5030. I havn`t a Nokia myself, so I dont know how this works, good luck! Calls aparently cost 1.50 per minute

and it doesn`t say how long you are on for...

Landrover Enthusiast (LRE):

A Big thankyou goes out this month to the newest LR magazine on the block for a little mention on our new-look

website address. I don`t know if the other three mags have named us yet, but see Landrover Enthusiast by clicking here

- alteratively, some of us are making the annual pilgrimage to Billing Aquadrome for the 2001 show - join us there!

Foot and Mouth Outbreak: Lastest

For more detailed infomation see either






Landrover Stars in Hollywood:


Landrover is to co-star in a new movie, "Tomb Raider Chronicles" Following the adventures of the famous

computer-game-babe, pictured below, Lara Croft (and her attractive big pair of, er..., hands) the movie uses a

Defender 110HighCap pick up built at Solihulls Special Vehicles Department. Starring as Lara Croft and driving the 110

is Angelina Jolie, of "The Bone Collector" fame.


Details are sketchy at the moment, with movie secrecy at it`s upmost. You now have your excuse for

going to watch this movie now, lads. I remember when I started on computers. "Jet-Set-Willy" wasn`t like this!

These are the computer pics of lara... lets look forward to the real movie, then! Click here to see the official Laras Landrover Website





Wrist Slapping for Landrover:

Sent to me from Ryan Fortune is this article seen in the `Sunday Times South Africa`.

It follows, presumably, a Landrover advert showing a vehicle speeding past a topless

African woman - and having an effect on her top half...

National Shock ad turns out to be a booby trap
Luxury off-road vehicle manufacturer Land Rover is being made to eat dirt over its advert that boobed last year when it showed an African woman with distorted breasts. Not only has the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the advert is offensive; it has also ordered Land Rover to pay to publish a statement that amounts to a humiliating public apology in all the publications the three-page advert originally appeared in. The authority says the tough ruling, its first of this kind, is designed to punish advertisers who use shock tactics to gain notoriety. The statement, drawn up by the authority, slams the advert which showed a Namibian Himba woman's breasts swept in the direction of a racing Land Rover, as "irresponsible", "exploitative" and violating human dignity. "The insensitive portrayal of the Himba women is discriminatory and makes a mockery of African culture," it says. It also slams TBWA Hunt Lascaris, the advertising agency behind the advert which was withdrawn last December after sparking outrage. The authority found the advert had breached the advertising code and brought the industry into disrepute. Deline Beukes, executive director of the authority, said it would check to see that Land Rover adhered to the order. Paul Melhuish, marketing director for Land Rover in South Africa , hit out at its former advertising agency: "We always had a good relationship with our agencies and are guided by them, but in the end we weren't satisfied with the way they took us." He said Land Rover would abide by the ruling. Reinher Behrens, executive chairman of TBWA in Johannesburg, said advertisers would now "think twice when going ahead with placing what could be a controversial ad".

Did you note the way Landrover were described as "Luxury manufacturer"!


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