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What's New This Update?

The event at Arley is the next one on the calendar, and is on the weekend of the 31st Jan / 1st Feb. I have been asked to point out that there is a permit for camping or caravanning on the Saturday night, and a modicum of socialising may take place with the aid of suitable refreshment. We hope to make a prompt start so scrutineering will be at 0830 on the Sunday

Don't forget the Dinner Dance on the 7th February. Tickets are going like hot cakes, well warm ones, well truth be known in fits and starts like a certain committee members V7 auto.

The Easter Interclub is definitely on at the Quarry on the Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen

The events page for 2004 has been updated with other club's events including the Hill Rallies. The directions to our new venue have also been added on the events page.

Also a look back on the 2003 year from our very own Tim Curran. - Not so much Rose tinted glasses as beer goggles.
This is on the reports page.

Repaired broken links to ANWCC round 6. I can only put it down to finger trouble on my part - sorry about that. These are from Altcar in November.

Please note that from the end of the month, I will be taking all of the photo galleries prior to 2003 off the site in order to make space for all of the hundreds of photos that I am sure to receive from you lot this year. Yeah right. All these photos will still be available on a CD ROM should anyone so wish. All photographs of events in 2004 will be available on CD ROM, and this will include photos not published on the site. These will be available at cost price from me. Drop me a line at the address below for more info.

If you wish to submit an article or photos for inclusion in this web site, or in the monthly club magazine then drop me a line at

Club members can also use the Yahoo Group RoverTorque to post articles and photographs etc. If you are in doubt of how to do this, then get in touch, and I will talk you through the sign up process.

Mike Derrick