Horseshoe Pass Easter 2004

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This years Easter event was held at the Horseshoe Pass in North Wales, just outside Llangollen. As the North Wales Land Rover club had already run a successful National event at the site we knew that the ground was excellent for competition, but would anyone turn up? Would anyone make the treck off the M6? After all our previous Easter events had been at Trentham Gardens, with good access from the Motorway network. Judge for yourselves, as you look at the small selection of photos on the following pages.
As always, thanks to Dave, Mish and Eddie for the photos, though I did manage to sneak some in myself this time. You can access the various event photos, by clicking on the relevent pictures on this page.

The top three results for each class are shown below. You can get a complete results listing by down loading the Excel table here.
There were a great many more photographs sent in by Dave and Mish Lowe, as well as our intrepid Eddie Parsons, so if you don't see your motor here, drop me a line, and I will have a trawl through the archived files, to see if we have captured you in action. In fact I have so many photos to choose from, I may do some selective editing for a rogues gallery. I'ts amazing what you see in the background of photographs! So if you were picking your nose or scratching your bum, you may yet appear on these hallowed pages. Of course if anyone has any photos, embarassing or otherwise, I will be more than happy to put them on the site, or send to Eddie for a more selective viewing in the club magazine.

Alan Brown NW Class 2 20 1st
Mathew Bennett S&S Class 2 28 2nd
Dave Lowe L&C Class 2 29 3rd
Peter Wells L&C Class 4 7 1st
Darren Brocklehurst L&C Class 4 9 2nd
John Yates EN Class 4 10 3rd
Paul Marsay EN Class 5 8 1st
Tom Sprowell L&C Class 5 14 2nd
Ted Marsay EN Class 5 14 3rd
Dave Hughes L&C Class 9 5 1st
Austin Laughton YROC Class 10 7 2nd
Paul Allen P&D Class 10 9 3rd
Mick Dobbs S&S Standard Motor 76 1st
Peter Lugg S&W Class 9 18 1st
Dave Hughes L&C Class 9 39 2nd
Glyn Rowlands NW Class 9 40 3rd
David Naylor P&D Class 10 31 1st
Austin Laughton YROC Class 10 37 2nd
Dave Tomley NW Class 10 46 3rd
Phil Payne RR Class 4 1 1st
Sue Maynard RR Class 5 3 2nd
Guy Summers NW Class 2 15 3rd
NIGHT COMP        
Simon Smith L&C Standard Class   1st
Kevin Stubbs   Special   1st
Colin Jamieson   Special   2nd
Ben Parkes   Special   3rd
DAY COMP        
Nev Porter   Standard Class   1st
Daren Montford   class8   1st
Warren Roper   Class9   1st
Kenny Powell   Class9   2nd
Kevin Stubbs   Class9   3rd
BIKE TRIAL        
Robert Tabbenor       1st O/A