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Lancashire & Cheshire Rover Owners Club Ltd. was formed in 1972 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts who enjoyed off-roading in their Land Rovers. The club is a member of the Association of Land Rover Clubs (ALRC) and the RAC Motor Sports Association (MSA). The clubs name was changed to Lancashire & Cheshire Land Rover Owners club in 2005 and to most people the club is known as L&C.


There are many types of events available to the competitor, the most popular and therefore the most frequently organised events are detailed below:-

Tyro Trials

The entry level competition event and can be driven by all members 14 years and over. They are ideal for all the family to take part in and the non-damaging sections can be driven in any Land Rover from Series I, to Freelander or Range Rover without modification. Come along and give it a try!

RTV's (Road Taxed Vechicle Trials)

The RTV is aimed at members who want a bit of fun with their day to day vechicles.
A Trial usually consists of 12 sections, each section consists of 12 pairs of canes with each pair forming a gate. The gates are marked with numbers descending from 12 at the start to 1 at the finish. Breifly, the objective is to drive from start to finish without hitting a cane. If any part of the vechicle touches the cane or the vechicle stops moving forward then penalty points are awarded.
The courses are set out to be non damaging and experienced members are always on hand to provide guidance if required.
Drivers must have a full licence and passengers must be 14 and over.

CCV's (Cross Country Vechicle Trials)

The CCV trial is much the same as the RTV apart from the fact that the sections are generally a lot more challenging and a the vechicles used are heavily modified Land Rovers. Steeper inclines, tighter turns and deeper mud pools generally tend to be the order of the day.
The CCV vechicles need to be to ALRC specification and fitted with roll cages and harness seat belts, when you see the type of terrain they travel over you will see why these safety items are needed! Drivers must have a full licence and passengers must be 14 and over.

Comp. Safaris

The comp safari is a speed event over a 4-5 mile course through a variety of rough terrain. Forrest tracks, mud pools, steep banks and fast jumps provide challenges to the drivers and entertainment to the spectators.
Drivers are usually set off in minute intervals and are timed until they return through the finish box. They are generally given 8-10 laps of the course and the times are accumulated at the end of the event.

Drivers must have a full driving licence, MSA national B competition licence and passengers must be 16 and over.
Helmets and other safety devices are required for this event.


The club welcomes all Land Rover enthusiasts and owners, whether you own a 1948 Series 1 or the latest Range Rover Sport.



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