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The latest event to hit the L&C callender is wellie throwing! The committee had the idea to host this event on the saturday of the training weekend and by all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves.

As I wasn't there on the saturday my details of the event are sketchy but I do know that Simon Smith was the eventual winner.


The Saturday also catered for the younger members of the club with the JTV (Junior Trials vechicle) making an apperance.

I was hoping to get a picture of Harold having a go but I was unsuccessful.

A video of the trial will be shown here once I work out how to stream U-Tube Videos in Dreamweaver.

Alternatively here's the link to my U-Tube page where you will find all the video's Ii've been sent and uploaded.


We even let a non land rover owner have a play and despite being over 60 years old the Jeep did rather well.  

The Club laid on a free BBQ at lunchtime and Colin stepped forward to take control.

On the whole everybody seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully we'll have a similar event to attract new members next year.